Casting Call

ACTORS and EXTRAS needed!
We are on the lookout for natural talent and wonder if you would like to be in a film?? We are looking for:

Male and Female roles see below, in particular:

  • ROY: Male 25-50. He is a policeman and a founder member of "The PAS Club". He is featured throughout the film.
  • ELIZABETH: Female 20-50. She is a larger lady with a great sense of humour. She has an important comedic side throughout the film.
  • JEZ: Male 40 - 60. A generally good handyman and practical in all senses. Must have the ability to drive a minibus (in real life).
  • CATAPULT GANG MEMBER: Male or female, any age. The Catapult Gang try to stop the PAS Club evacuating people from danger.
  • The Newsreader's CAMERAMAN: Male or female 18 and over. Non-speaking part, but important in some tense scenes.
  • The Newsreader's PRODUCER: Male or female 30 and over. Has arguments with the Newsreader about the contents on the news.
  • EXTRAS: We need extras in London, Hampshire, Essex and Devon. Some featured extra roles up for grabs
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    Please email us if you are interested. Please state the character's name in the subject line of your e-mail or if no character "EXTRA". Please attach a photo! In the case of actors we will ask for a self-tape audition, in the case of extras we will do our best to get you in our epic film. All actors will get IMDb credit. As it's a low-budget independent feature film, payment and expenses are TBC. We just want to know if you are interested at this stage.